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17. February 2021 23:54
by Admin

German Sex

17. February 2021 23:54 by Admin | 0 Comments

 Is that man OK and what happened to the pilot of that small plane?


Masculine (der):

  • Male persons and animals
  • days of the week, months of the year
  • seasons, and most weather elements 
  • car makes
  • monetary units
  • non-German river names
  • rocks and minerals
  • mountains and mountain ranges
  • and alcoholic and plant-based drinks

Feminine (die):

  • Female persons and animals
  • Rivers within Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Airplanes, motorcycles, ships
  • Numbers used as nouns
  • Trees, fruits, and flowers
  • Nouns formed from measurement or size adjectives

Neuter (das):

  • Young persons and baby animals
  • metals and chemical elements
  • names of continents, cities, provinces, and most countries
  • scientific units & measurements
  • letters of the alphabet and music notes
  • hotels, cafes, restaurants, and movie theaters
  • other parts of speech used as nouns (gerunds, colors, languages, English -ing forms).

Masculine: -ant, -ast, -ich, -ig, -ismus, -ling, -or, -us

Feminine: -a, -anz, -enz, -ei, -ie, -heit, -keit, -ik, -sion, -tion, -sis, -tät, -ung, -ur, schaft

Neuter: -chen, -lein, -icht, -il, -it, -ma, -ment, -tel, -tum, -um

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