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21. July 2020 14:26
by Admin

Recycling - the Council's Latest Waste of Space???

21. July 2020 14:26 by Admin | 0 Comments

Recycling - the Council's Latest Waste of Space???


Now that China has ended the period of importing waste that the world has enjoyed for so long in lieu of being supplied with oil and steel, are we at a point where the use of plastic has to just stop? No more mineral water unless in glass. No more juice unless in cardboard. Can landfill continue to be the only real solution when most of the waste will not dissolve for hundreds of years? What does your heart tell you?

China no longer relies on the Western World, so what will happen to all of our junk?

you may not realise this, but many countries just import junk and garbage into residential areas, and millions of people wind up surrounded by our rubbish.

Everything you throw away is far more damaging than everything you buy. Just imagine if you lived in a room with all of the rotting junk you've every thrown into the bin. This is what is happening to people worldwide, every day.

We must either learn to make use of our rubbish, or to not allow it to be manufactured in the first place. The Oil Barony encourage the use of plastic like there's no tomorrow (quite literally) and this myth that only plastic will do must be stopped. If we can revert to cardboard and glass, then we can substantially reduce the damage we are causing to our world, and to our children. The recycling of bottles must be brought back to them being sanitised rather than recycled, to reduce waste and energy use. Paper and card must not be waxed or oiled so as to be re-mulchable. Our lives depend on this, and the people in charge are obviously insane.

Steps have to be taken today or tomorrow will be a war fought on a junk pile.