Plastic Pyrolysis - Turning Plastic into Diesel

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Plastic Pyrolysis - Turning Plastic into Diesel

A very simple process of heating plastic to four-hundred degrees in an environment devoid of oxygen allows the process of pyrolysis to Convert plastic bags into diesel and take great steps to reduce landfill and sea pollution.


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Weight Of the world on your body

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Weight Of the world on your body

1 atmosphere is 101325 pa of pressure (14.696 psi)

the average person has around 1.7 m^2 of body surface area.

1 pa = 1N / m^2 => 101325 pa = 101325 N/m^2 = 10332 Kg/m^2 => 17565 Kg per person in mass of air pressure being exerted on them.

Good job we’re full of it then!



The Language That Everyone Speaks

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The Language That Everyone Speaks

There are some truly fascinating ideas brought together in this video, if you ignore all of the separatism that is inferred by the video maker:





Advertising your Personal Trainer Business with GTme

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Advertising your Personal Trainer Business with GTme

On GTme you publish your training classes or studio sessions online and then customers sign up from their phone...


GTme is an application for the fitness professional. The app allows the PT to organise customers into classes consisting of various sizes and for many different activities, with different associated prices and of differing duration. The app allows the trainer to create and place an activity on a local map which then allows customers to sign-up to that class by paying the required fee. As customers sign-up, the trainer is notified, so that the class attendance is known and the trainer then proceeds to instruct the class with confidence, knowing that all of the bills are settled in advance, and that everyone attending has a map to guide them to the exact spot where the class is being held.

GTme is a very simple application to use and either as an instructor or a trainee you should find no problem in navigating around the various functions.

The first task to carry out after downloading is to create your username and logon details:

GTme App Front Page GTme Register as a Trainer

Click the Register button to get your registration underway.

Select whether you are registering as a trainer or customer (trainer in this case) and then fill in your personal details to continue. Use your details from Facebook if you wish by clicking the Facebook button.

Please stick to using your real name rather than any nicknames as this will speed up the registration process and help make sure that no payments are delayed.

GTme - Trainer enters personal details GTme - Personal Trainer further details   

Make sure you use the correct mobile number in order to receive your activation text so that you can be successfully validated as a user or trainer and then proceed to the trainer details page.

We recommend adding as much data as you can in order to have your application processed quickly and to be sure that you include your qualifications and experience as these can be the sticking points with new applications.

 GTme Personal Trainer Details Entered Successfully Confirmation Page  

Once you have completed the form, you will receive a message that your application has been submitted and that you will be notified by email when the account is active. 

Trainer applications do have to be ratified by a professional trainer so please be patient while we process your application.

Once you have received your confirmation email and successfully gained access as a trainer, you can begin to form your training session catalogue.


 GTme - Trainer My Groups View

GTme - Create New Group Page 1/2



GTme allows you to build up your group training portfolio before choosing when the classes will actually be held, so you can get your skill sets organised prior to advertising any classes allowing you to shift various types of classes around according to popularity. 

The first screen that you see after logging in as a trainer is the scheduling screen. This screen shows all currently active classes and when they are occurring over the coming weeks. 

You can browse back and forth between weeks by using the arrows either side of the date indicating which week you are currently viewing. 

We are going to start by adding an activity type, which we do by tapping the ‘+’ sign in the very top right of the scheduling screen. We are then presented with the create new group screen. 

The first option is to choose whether the training session is indoor or outdoor

 GTme - Create New Groups Page 1/2 Details

GTme - Create New Groups Page 2/2




Next we use the drop-down box to choose which category of training we are organising. This is a broad-stroke description and you should choose whichever best suits your session, such as stretching, weight-loss cardio etc. 

You then choose the group numbers which may or not dictate the cost, depending on your trainer classification (if you are working for a larger group for instance) and then name your activity so that registrants have a clear idea what they are signing up for.

The activity also requires you to describe the equipment needed and the equipment provided so that everyone knows what to bring and what not to. 

The next screen is the location screen. The location automatically locates your devices current map position and centers the map there accordingly. You can then either manually move the map or tap ion the text location at the top so that you can enter a postcode or address to center the map elsewhere.

 GTme - Create New Groups Page 2/2 Confirm Scheduling  GTme - Group Scheduling Empty Page   

The locations can be entered manually using various different address features allowing you to choose any venue, outdoors or indoors, for your activity so that you can host any type of activity you wish. 

Once you have confirmed all of the details for the training class you will be asked if you wish to schedule the first session. In this example, we will say yes to schedule so that we can demonstrate the process.

 GTme - Group Scheduling Select Time

GTme - Repeat Training Dialogue


Select which date for the training first. The screen shows a week at a time and you browse back and forth through the various weeks by using the arrow heads either side of the current week date range which is situated above the weekday abbreviations on the scheduling screen. 

Once we have selected the correct date range for the week in which we wish to place the training session then we click the ‘+’ sign below the appropriate day.

We are then asked to select the time for the training group to begin. 

Once you have scrolled down to the desired time, confirm the selection by tapping the tick on the right hand top corner on the time selection panel.

 GTme - Select Repetition of Class  GTme - Group Scheduling Class Added   The next screen allows you to choose if the slot/class is a regular class or if it is simply a one-off. 

The repeating section allow you to choose up to 5 times in advance that the session will be repeated in that slot over the next few weeks. 

Now fill in the number of times the class will have sessions repeated in that slot in each of the selected number of weeks

Once you have selected the number of times the weekly session will be repeated, tap the tick in the top right-hand corner of the repeating session selection panel to continue.

 GTme - Group Scheduling Class Confirmed    

Now you can tap set to continue on to the schedule screen where you can the new session in your current portfolio. If you are content with how this fits into the timetable, then you can click save whereupon the icon will change colour, indicating that the session has been confirmed fits suitably into the timetable.

See more about personal trainer marketing at



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How do I find motivation to exercise and lose weight?

by Admin Thursday, April 27, 2017 9:08 PM

In a world saturated with information and drenched in excess, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us all to manage our desires effectively. Obesity is on the rise and has been for decades and the need to be motivated to exercise has become a real concern for society at large. We all need a personal trainer, it seems, to help us get into a better groove where we can begin to lose weight and eat healthily, but how do we find someone who is available and affordable in our daily modern lives?

Well it is just possible that there is a simple answer on the horizon. A new app releasing next month may well hold the key. Instead of telling us what to eat and how much exercise to do, this app is not a personal trainer in its own right, but rather a tracker to find your closest personal trainer or group training session. The concept is simple enough, it acts like any other mapping software, only it show where training classes are being held over the next few weeks, so you can sign up, reserve your place, and pay up front so there is not getting out of it if you don't feel like being active on the day. In short, it is an instant, easy step in the right direction.

There are no sign up fees and no contracts to this solution, and no obligation to go back to a trainer or class you don't like. There is also the chance to choose a trainer based on ratings and reviews, rather than go along blind, so you have a good chance of picking the class that's right for you. The fact that the app allows a trainer to amass a class in advance and train multiple people at the same time saves on cost for the trainees as larger classes means less cost per trainee, and also means that the new members can slip in at he back and still enjoy a great workout class with out having to be the centre of attention. The app can save money for the trainer too as a cancellation for single or group training can be posted online and be filled at a lower price to ensure that the trainer doesn't wind up hanging around at the gym between sessions. 

Sound pretty good?

Well then let me introduce GTME - the new app for personal trainers and trainees that connects everyone together in personal and group training and allows you to review and comment on sessions and become part of a wider, global community as well as enjoying a happier, healthier life.

You can find out more at and download the app for Andriod and IOS devices.



Well hello 'Hello Fresh!'

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The basis of 'Hello Fresh' is no different to many such food delivery companies already working within the UK. This one in particular originates in Germany, from the Rocket Internet start-up company in Berlin.

One of their major selling points is the ease of use of the website and an App to stay up-to-date with your orders, and skip weeks if you wish. This is the sort of advantage partnering with a big start-up company brings - you get the experience of great social networking and good website design in on the deal to help give you a leg-up against the competition!

The meals arrive in a rather large cardboard box, and in my case there were three meals each for two people within. Each meal takes between 30-50 minutes to organise once you have unpacked and readied yourself and the packaging and the quality of ingredients really is excellent!

The box comes with recipe cards and a set of bags, each containing the required ingredients for each meal for two. The instructions are pleasantly written and clear (even if I have not quite figured out how to identify each bag yet) but are sometimes a little too focused on each step. Quite often you will be told to turn up the grill to the top setting, only to set off the fire alarm before you have understood when you are going to start using it. The recipes explain some parts in unecessary detail without readying you for the next stage which can hold things up. The packers also have a tendency to hole punch through the list of ingredients at the top of the page, and so you can misunderstand how much water you should be using or what you need to have ready in advance.

There is also a need to have a dishwasher at the ready pretty much every night - the preparation is not far off of throwing a dinner party, and if you work very hard and very late like I do, then you can certainly be wondering if you are going to finish too late to eat.

When you have finished your recipie though, you will not be disappointed. The food is excellent and creative as well as being exciting to cook, and the dishes are always different enough to surpise rather than be what you would have (at least in my case) managed to decide upon in your lunch break.

All in all I would say that if you manage your subscription sensibly, then Hello Fresh is an excellent choice. If you are using it three nights a week each week, then you are very quickly going to find yourself hard to please in even expensive restaurants, so my advice is every other week at most.

The cost is a relevant factor also. Coming in at around £13.00 per meal per night between two, it is great value and worth considering as a real cost saving option if you both work. If you can face all of the recycling and the recipe step-following and the dishwashing then it is a far superior alternative to traipsing round the supermarket with an app telling you what to buy!

So in conclusion?

If you love cooking with the freshest ingredients and enjoy cooking for you friends then you need to try this service as the freshness really does open your senses! Try it for a week or even a one off and then you can see how, or if it fits into your lifestyle after that...

Get a redusction on your opening subscription boxes using this link:

Hello Goodbye!

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