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Hydroxychloroquine: The unproven 'corona drug'

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Hydroxychloroquine: The unproven 'corona drug' Trump is threatening India for

  • Coronavirus pandemic

US President Donald Trump has said the US could "retaliate" if India does not release stocks of a drug he has called a "game-changer" in the fight against Covid-19.

Mr Trump had called India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, a day after the country banned the export of hydroxychloroquine, which it manufactures in large quantities.

Local media said the government was "considering" Mr Trump's request and a decision is expected on Tuesday.

The US President's comments, made at the White House press briefing on Monday, haven't gone down well with many in India, with critics pointing out that there was no need for him to be so abrasive when Mr Modi has already agreed to help.

The two leaders are on friendly terms and Mr Trump had made a high-profile trip to India recently.

But is India really in a position to help the US? And does hydroxychloroquine even work against the coronavirus?

What is hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is very similar to Chloroquine, one of the oldest and best-known anti-malarial drugs.

But the drug - which can also treat auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus - has also attracted attention over the past few decades as a potential antiviral agent.

President Trump said that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved it for treating coronavirus, something the organization has denied. Mr Trump later said that it had been approved for "compassionate use" - which means a doctor can give a drug that is yet to be cleared by the government to a patient in a life-threatening condition.

Doctors are able to prescribe chloroquine in these circumstances as it's a registered drug.

So, can India really help President Trump?

Hydroxychloroquine could be bought over the counter and is fairly inexpensive. However, its purchase and use has been severely restricted ever since it was named as a possible treatment for Covid-19.

On Saturday, India banned the export of the drug "without any exception". The order came even as the number of positive cases of Covid-19 spiked in the country. India has now recorded 3,666 active cases of the virus with more than 100 deaths, according to the latest data released by the ministry of health.

But now it seems the government could be reconsidering this stance, possibly following Mr Trump's call to Mr Modi. Local media quoted government sources as saying that a decision on this could be taken as early as Tuesday after considering what domestic requirements could look like in the near future.

The two leaders have a warm personal relationship

But does India - one of the world's largest manufacturers of the drug - have the capacity to actually supply other countries as well?

Yes, according to Ashok Kumar Madan, of the Indian Drug Manufacturer's association.

"India definitely has capacity to cater to both global and local markets. Of course, domestic considerations must come first, but we have the capacity," he told the BBC.

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Mr Madan also denied reports that China had severely limited the export of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) that is used to manufacture hydroxychloroquine. He acknowledged that 70% of all the APIs needed by India to manufacture drugs come from China, but said that supplies from China had steadily continued "by both sea and air".

But does it work?

Many virologists and infectious disease experts have cautioned that the excitement over hydroxychloroquine is premature.

"Chloroquine seems to block the coronavirus in lab studies. There's some anecdotal evidence from doctors saying it has appeared to help," James Gallagher, BBC health correspondent, explained.

But crucially there have been no complete clinical trials which are important to show how the drug behaves in actual patients, although they are under way in China, the US, UK and Spain.

Even so, some are sceptical about how successful they will prove to be.

"If it truly has a dramatic effect on the clinical course of Covid-19 we would already have evidence for that. We don't, which tells us that hydroxychloroquine, if it even works at all, will likely be shown to have modest effects at best," Dr Joyeeta Basu, a senior consultant physician, told the BBC.

American scientists have begun a trial to see if chloroquine will help treat coronavirus

Raman R Gangakhedkar, a senior scientist with the Indian Council of Medical Research, said the policy at the moment is that the drug is not to be used by everyone.

"It is being given to doctors and contacts of lab confirmed cases. When their data will be complied only then a call can be taken whether it should be recommended to everyone," he told reporters last week.

Despite the fact trials are yet to conclude, people have begun to self-medicate - with sometimes disastrous consequences.

There have been multiple reports in Nigeria of people being poisoned from overdoses after people were reportedly inspired by Mr Trump's enthusiastic endorsement of the drug.

An article in the Lancet medical journal also warns hydroxychloroquine can have dangerous side-effects if the dose is not carefully controlled.

This lack of certainty has prompted social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to delete posts that tout it as a cure - even when they are made by world leaders.

French professor faces disciplinary case over hydroxychloroquine claims

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French professor faces disciplinary case over hydroxychloroquine claims | World news | The Guardian

French professor faces disciplinary case over hydroxychloroquine claims


Didier Raoult stands accused of touting drug as a coronavirus treatment without evidence

Didier Raoult’s promotion of the drug as a Covid treatment was taken up by some populist world leaders. Photograph: Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty Images

A French professor who touts the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment – without evidence, scientists say – will appear before a disciplinary panel charged with ethics breaches, an order of doctors has said.

Marseille-based Didier Raoult stands accused by his peers of spreading false information about the benefits of the drug. His promotion of hydroxychloroquine was taken up by the US and Brazilian presidents, Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, who trumpeted its unproven benefits in a way critics say put people’s lives at risk.

No clinical trials have yet found in favour of using hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19, and critics say that due to potential serious side-effects, treating coronavirus patients with it is worse than no treatment at all.

In June, the British-led Recovery trial team said hydroxychloroquine did nothing to reduce coronavirus mortality.

A group representing 500 specialists of France’s Infectious Diseases Society (SPILF) filed a complaint with the national order of doctors of the Bouche-du-Rhône department, which includes Marseille, in July. They accused Raoult of breaking nine rules of the doctors’ code of ethics. Other doctors and patients have also lodged complaints.

On Thursday, the order confirmed it had given the go-ahead for a disciplinary hearing after reviewing the complaints against Raoult. The hearing will probably take place next year.

Raoult’s lawyer, Fabrice Di Vizio, confirmed they had received notice of the decision, but said his client would be cleared. If found guilty, Raoult could be fined, merely warned, or barred from practising.

Raoult, who heads the infectious diseases department of La Timone hospital in Marseille, said in March that his study of 80 patients showed “favourable” outcomes in four out of five treated with hydroxychloroquine. But his peers say there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, visited the scientist on 9 April, at the height of the pandemic, when people in France were observing strict stay-at-home rules.


COVID 19 The Big Picture - Andrew Johnson

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COVID 19 The Big Picture - Andrew Johnson


What are the facts concerning COVID 19 and SARS-COV2 and what is the likely agenda of the perpetrators if the truth has not been told.

The COVID-19 test is unreliable and has no bearing on whether you have or will ever have any type of disease. The COVID-19 strain has never been isolated by anyone and so no test can prove whether it has ever killed anyone as there is no unpolluted sample. They have redefined the word 'case' to mean positively tested for, but the test cannot be trusted, so the number of cases cannot be either. Whatever this nasty flu that some people have had is, it is not confirmed as anything medically defined as COVID-19 and so the figures have no basis in fact. The inventor of the test has made it clear that the test cannot be used to track disease or infection. Your freedom is at stake here, not your health. It is becoming illegal to go and meet your friends in the Western World, this is not the time to worry about politicians or their statistics.



From Wikipedia: 

A French national hero at age 55, in 1878 Pasteur discreetly told his family never to reveal his laboratory notebooks to anyone. His family obeyed, and all his documents were held and inherited in secrecy. Finally, in 1964 Pasteur's grandson and last surviving male descendant, Pasteur Vallery-Radot, donated the papers to the French national library (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Yet the papers were restricted for historical studies until the death of Vallery-Radot in 1971. The documents were given a catalogue number only in 1985.

In 1995, the centennial of the death of Louis Pasteur, a historian of science Gerald L. Geison published an analysis of Pasteur's private notebooks in his The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, and declared that Pasteur had given several misleading accounts and played deceptions in his most important discoveries.


Please sign the petition - the COVID-19 scamdemic is endangering your future, not your health!


Good News on COVID-19 - it’s now no safer to stay at home than go anywhere else!

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Good News on COVID-19 - it’s now no safer to stay at home than go anywhere else!

Good News on COVID-19 - it’s now no safer to stay at home than go anywhere else!


Plastic Pyrolysis - Turning Plastic into Diesel

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Plastic Pyrolysis - Turning Plastic into Diesel

A very simple process of heating plastic to four-hundred degrees in an environment devoid of oxygen allows the process of pyrolysis to Convert plastic bags into diesel and take great steps to reduce landfill and sea pollution.

Weight Of the world on your body

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Weight Of the world on your body

1 atmosphere is 101325 pa of pressure (14.696 psi)

the average person has around 1.7 m^2 of body surface area.

1 pa = 1N / m^2 => 101325 pa = 101325 N/m^2 = 10332 Kg/m^2 => 17565 Kg per person in mass of air pressure being exerted on them.

Good job we’re full of it then!

The Language That Everyone Speaks

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The Language That Everyone Speaks

There are some truly fascinating ideas brought together in this video, if you ignore the preoccupation he has with ‘sound’ even though he begins the video claiming sound is not universal. A most valuable premise is that he realises conception lies within a language that we all speak - the language of cognition, which sustains our model of the universe.


This is way beyond language, this is a pronouncement of another cognitive system that transcends matter. The movement of rice on a drum is just this system intruding into the dream we have blinded ourselves with using language and reason.

This is a venture into dream state, and one that we need to start making regularly until we need no longer return here.

Adam didn’t name the animals, he conceived them, and so they were thus. Conception is creation - the words tell us so. We conceive a child, and it is so. We conceive ourselves. Perception is something far more under our control than we are currently at terms with. The action of speaking the language of creation creates our world, and it is not simply paleo Hebrew, it is a language before sound, before ears and before reason. It is the language/frequency/mechanism, of our awareness, perception and reality. It is the language of existence.

Now Dave Murphy goes on to say that each of the letters has meaning and that the symbols are based upon various different pictorial elements, such as Ah being the Ox. Now the issue here is that the most powerful animal when humans were first created was most definitely not the Ox, unless what this is describing is when the Hebrews encountered beings from Atlantis and considered them gods, which would have been around 6000 BC. But these people are unlikely to have spoken the language of creation as they were busy teaching schools and armies and writing etc. at Göbekli Tepe which is a long way after the human race had been created, unless of course the beings at Göbekli Tepe were not human and created us using language, and made the creatures around us as domesticated before leaving Earth. I prefer the idea that Adam was around far earlier though, as was Paleo Hebrew, but as far as I know, Graham Hancock and pals are yet to suggest a language that the Atlantians spoke. The important part for me is that, even now, we spell words and conceive children, as well as speaking our minds. Language is definitely the building blocks of our universe (uni - single, verse - word or phrase.) which I am starting to suspect are actually words themselves. Words do not just enforce ourworld view, they create it. Let us move on to a more officially recognised fellow discussing this.

But as Noam Chomsky says, language is a system of thought, for arranging, interpreting and organising thought, and that was what is was designed for. The language bestowed upon the world by the inhabitants of the tower of babel was designed to divide the human race and make it struggle to communicate with each other. Before the tower of babel descended it's people to Earth to redesign our language, the World spoke but one language, and peace was enjoyed across all the peoples and races.

As we progress, we are urged to listen to Barack Obama saying 'Yes we can' and once again in reverse. Now I did try this on my Mac with Wavelab as the reverse M4a tool and it does sound rather the same. It actually sounds like 'Mac you say' which is kind of ironic. I have tested a few of his speeches and am yet to be convinced that he is a bad person. I have heard him say 'The Elite, they're all horrible' in one of his speeches, but he does not seem to be a bringer of misery, just a cog in a bigger wheel. George W Bush unfortunately makes no sense whether I play his speeches forwards or backwards. I will have a look at some of Trump's speeches this week though.

Now to Terrence McKenna, who speaks of a simple truth that Carlos Casteneda delved into deeply. That words are a construct to cease investigation of the world around us. That they are a replacement for rich experience of our world and consist of simple symbolism that collapses an unrepeatable experience into a single, repeatable sound that is entirely symbolic and neither synthesizes, nor represents anything to do with real experience or memory. English literally hijacks our experience and memory of the world and reduced it to that of a computer, recalling arrays of symbols as replacement of life.

Now we are with Jill Bolte Taylor who suffered from a stroke and lost communication with the left hand side of her brain and her brain chatter that she described as the part of her consciousness that 'attaches her to her daily world' which is a description that I particularly enjoy. So here we are, that we exist in the astral plane with a connection to the daily world only through our language and consciousness.

And now we reach the ability that animals have to generate images with the sounds that they make. That a dolphin can generate an image of who it is addressing simply by the sounds that it makes. That babies are speaking a language to us immediately from birth, and that we are not listening in the language that they understand. A young daughter is compared to an Arabic woman in terms of speech and there definitely similarities.

Advertising your Personal Trainer Business with GTme

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Advertising your Personal Trainer Business with GTme

On GTme you publish your training classes or studio sessions online and then customers sign up from their phone...


GTme is an application for the fitness professional. The app allows the PT to organise customers into classes consisting of various sizes and for many different activities, with different associated prices and of differing duration. The app allows the trainer to create and place an activity on a local map which then allows customers to sign-up to that class by paying the required fee. As customers sign-up, the trainer is notified, so that the class attendance is known and the trainer then proceeds to instruct the class with confidence, knowing that all of the bills are settled in advance, and that everyone attending has a map to guide them to the exact spot where the class is being held.

GTme is a very simple application to use and either as an instructor or a trainee you should find no problem in navigating around the various functions.

The first task to carry out after downloading is to create your username and logon details:

GTme App Front Page GTme Register as a Trainer

Click the Register button to get your registration underway.

Select whether you are registering as a trainer or customer (trainer in this case) and then fill in your personal details to continue. Use your details from Facebook if you wish by clicking the Facebook button.

Please stick to using your real name rather than any nicknames as this will speed up the registration process and help make sure that no payments are delayed.

GTme - Trainer enters personal details GTme - Personal Trainer further details   

Make sure you use the correct mobile number in order to receive your activation text so that you can be successfully validated as a user or trainer and then proceed to the trainer details page.

We recommend adding as much data as you can in order to have your application processed quickly and to be sure that you include your qualifications and experience as these can be the sticking points with new applications.

 GTme Personal Trainer Details Entered Successfully Confirmation Page  

Once you have completed the form, you will receive a message that your application has been submitted and that you will be notified by email when the account is active. 

Trainer applications do have to be ratified by a professional trainer so please be patient while we process your application.

Once you have received your confirmation email and successfully gained access as a trainer, you can begin to form your training session catalogue.


 GTme - Trainer My Groups View

GTme - Create New Group Page 1/2



GTme allows you to build up your group training portfolio before choosing when the classes will actually be held, so you can get your skill sets organised prior to advertising any classes allowing you to shift various types of classes around according to popularity. 

The first screen that you see after logging in as a trainer is the scheduling screen. This screen shows all currently active classes and when they are occurring over the coming weeks. 

You can browse back and forth between weeks by using the arrows either side of the date indicating which week you are currently viewing. 

We are going to start by adding an activity type, which we do by tapping the ‘+’ sign in the very top right of the scheduling screen. We are then presented with the create new group screen. 

The first option is to choose whether the training session is indoor or outdoor

 GTme - Create New Groups Page 1/2 Details

GTme - Create New Groups Page 2/2




Next we use the drop-down box to choose which category of training we are organising. This is a broad-stroke description and you should choose whichever best suits your session, such as stretching, weight-loss cardio etc. 

You then choose the group numbers which may or not dictate the cost, depending on your trainer classification (if you are working for a larger group for instance) and then name your activity so that registrants have a clear idea what they are signing up for.

The activity also requires you to describe the equipment needed and the equipment provided so that everyone knows what to bring and what not to. 

The next screen is the location screen. The location automatically locates your devices current map position and centers the map there accordingly. You can then either manually move the map or tap ion the text location at the top so that you can enter a postcode or address to center the map elsewhere.

 GTme - Create New Groups Page 2/2 Confirm Scheduling  GTme - Group Scheduling Empty Page   

The locations can be entered manually using various different address features allowing you to choose any venue, outdoors or indoors, for your activity so that you can host any type of activity you wish. 

Once you have confirmed all of the details for the training class you will be asked if you wish to schedule the first session. In this example, we will say yes to schedule so that we can demonstrate the process.

 GTme - Group Scheduling Select Time

GTme - Repeat Training Dialogue


Select which date for the training first. The screen shows a week at a time and you browse back and forth through the various weeks by using the arrow heads either side of the current week date range which is situated above the weekday abbreviations on the scheduling screen. 

Once we have selected the correct date range for the week in which we wish to place the training session then we click the ‘+’ sign below the appropriate day.

We are then asked to select the time for the training group to begin. 

Once you have scrolled down to the desired time, confirm the selection by tapping the tick on the right hand top corner on the time selection panel.

 GTme - Select Repetition of Class