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21. July 2021 08:17
by Admin

French Police to Double Patrols on Beaches

21. July 2021 08:17 by Admin | 0 Comments

Priti Patel the PR agent has agreed a new level of patrol for French beaches which will cost the British taxpayer £54m a year and she somehow did it on the Saturday before the highest number of immigrants ever recorded made their way across the channel.

So the immigrants are fleeing the vaccine?

Do they understand what it is?

What does all of this mean?

Either way the agreement was either just a cover (as they are only reporting it today) for JEUish measures to inject everyone, or they were prepared for what would happen when the French leadership finally admitted to its people that they are just another Rothschild controlled mass murdering bunch of scum, and not a French leadership at all.

Ms Patel said that due to increased French patrols and intelligence sharing "we are already seeing fewer migrants leaving French beaches".

How can that be? They only reported its implementation this morning following record numbers yesterday.