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20. January 2022 12:26
by Admin

Why The Children Never Got COVID

20. January 2022 12:26 by Admin | 0 Comments

It is finally becoming clear why none of the children died from COVID, making COVID an obvious anomaly compared to all other diseases throughout history. The disease was not transmitted through germ theory or created in a lab and disseminated through the water or the air as Pasteur's questionable Germ Theory explains. This was injected into the elderly under the excuse of a Flu Vaccine and so it began to kill the old and give the authorities an excuse to inject the least profitable sections of society first, whose deaths could be explained away as just being old, or the flu or COVID. Now we have reached a stage where everyone has been injected with a 5G activated nano-router, neuron control tech that degenerates over time in the body, and so a regular 'booster' technology needs to be re-injected regularly. 

26. October 2021 11:31
by Admin

Joe Biden Mind Control

26. October 2021 11:31 by Admin | 0 Comments

Poor Joe Biden starts to wander from the programme when he enquires after the health of Don Lemon as if to say: "You're black, you took the vaccine and you're not dead?"

Joe Biden definitely infers that he has not taken any vaccines from the inflexion of his speech.


The question asked of Biden is actually part of a puff piece. The whole of that room are keyed, ready to help the President line-up some ammunition at Howard Dean, who had claimed the Bush family had pre-knowledge of the 911 attacks. The question is 'Do you agree with the RNC that this type of attack borders on being a political hate speech?" allowing Bush to unload on Dean. The question, in reality, is designed to make Bush opposition sound like antisemitism or holocaust denial. It is designed to swivel the public away from being able to see the truth of these genocidal slime. Instead Bush's guilt is so intense that he cannot answer the question at all, and the journalist expecting the attack on Dean has to quickly move on to another subject to the amusement of all the other Bush cronies within the room. They are obviously feeling the pain that George Bush senior has been experiencing towards this unreliable member of the installed Rothschild dynasty.

From the Whitehouse Transcription: 

 “You got the vaccination?  Are you okay?  I mean, you seem…”  “No, it works.”  Or you, you know — or the mom and dad, or the neighbour, or when you go to church, or when you’re — no, I really mean it. 
There are trusted interlocutors.  Think of the people — if your kid wanted to find out whether or not there were — there’s a man on the moon, or whatever — you know, something, or, you know, whether those aliens are here or not — you know, who are the people they talk to beyond the kids who love talking about it? 

13. October 2021 20:05
by Admin

The Vaccine Scheme

13. October 2021 20:05 by Admin | 0 Comments

Please watch the latest videos from Richard D Hall on the vaccine and the subsequent effects experienced by doctors, undertakers and viewers. The Biontech vaccine appears to have foreign objects within it and this is the most serious condemnation of their scamdemic madness so far. We have been poisoned in the most terrible way this time and it is too late to complain, we have to fight.

21. July 2021 08:17
by Admin

French Police to Double Patrols on Beaches

21. July 2021 08:17 by Admin | 0 Comments

Priti Patel the PR agent has agreed a new level of patrol for French beaches which will cost the British taxpayer £54m a year and she somehow did it on the Saturday before the highest number of immigrants ever recorded made their way across the channel.

So the immigrants are fleeing the vaccine?

Do they understand what it is?

What does all of this mean?

Either way the agreement was either just a cover (as they are only reporting it today) for JEUish measures to inject everyone, or they were prepared for what would happen when the French leadership finally admitted to its people that they are just another Rothschild controlled mass murdering bunch of scum, and not a French leadership at all.

Ms Patel said that due to increased French patrols and intelligence sharing "we are already seeing fewer migrants leaving French beaches".

How can that be? They only reported its implementation this morning following record numbers yesterday.