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Our new goals post Brexit

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As it would appear that the MPs are not going to extricate us from this mess, we shoud all be fo using on how to live outside of poverty in the coming years. If it is true that the City of London will lose many of the big banks and that a large proportion of the rich will leave as a result, then what will we be facing in the near future? Will England become more like Portugal say, or Hungary, where most young people want to work overseas? Well the truth is that they will not easily be able to. A year in Australia or New Zealand will still be possible but only if no laws are changed when the Aussies begin to experience a massive influx of Brits. Trade will undoubtedly be more difficult all round as nowhere that we can cheaply trade with will be interested in our new highly taxable products and services. Ecommerce and banking services will be hit hardest as the banks will leave and ecommerce will not be able to compete with domestic prices in the EU, and the Yanks already own the market here. The future looks disastrous for anyone exporting anything except high-value, trusted brands like Aston Martin, Harrods & Land Rover. So how do we prepare for all of this? The people in power don't seem to understand or care what this means, and why would they? They've got it made no matter what happens; we're the ones who are about to experience a massive change in our place in the world. 

But is it all doom and gloom? Well perhaps not. There are definitely sides to Britain that will always be Worth something in this world. Although we will have to let Scotland go soon and then perhaps Northern Ireland and Wales, we will still have our musical heritage from the last 60 years and still have a certain way of communicating with countries that speak English as a first language. We will still have our comedy which is unlike any other. We will still have our schools, colleges and universities, that have an unequalled reputation across the world. So it sounds like more of our strengths will be in importing people and improving them, as well as improving people all over the world with our music and culture.

we also export things that the EU will refuse to do without, football for instance, which will not stop being shown across the EU and which we can still take pride in, as long as we can continue to afford the players.

But the price of food has to rise as there are so many of us now, and so does the price of energy. Daily living is going to become a lot more expensive as the rich and their taxes evaporate gradually over the next three years. That means the population will begin to decrease amongst the rich and increase amongst the poor as poverty begins to drive up reproduction and increase th load on he NHS. This will be a huge period of austerity and the people who will suffer most are the very ones who vote us out. We will need to stand together as a country but unfortunately, in this internet, jet-powered world, many of the best people will just up and leave.

So what are the implications upon our cost of living and quality of life? Surely costs will go down and quality of life will increase. There will be less and less point to live near London and so prices will begin to even out across the country which will be a blessed relief. Those of us in Cornwall will be paying for their quality of life and those us near London will be reclaim wealth based upon their lack of it. Well I like the sound of that for one - the current situation is a bit unfair as regardless of how out of work you are, the quality of life should count for something.