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11. November 2020 19:03
by Admin

Atlantis - The Eye Of Africa

11. November 2020 19:03 by Admin | 0 Comments

Atlantis - The Eye Of Africa


Atlantis is the ultimate myth, isn't it?

Well let us go back to where the myth originates and see how trustworthy the source is, and why it is generally considered to be a fairy tale today by the mainstream scholars.

Plato is actually the source of the Atlantis story. His ancestor, Solon, six generations his elder, went to Egypt in order to accumulate knowledge. He wrote of many stories he came across in scripture, engraving and by word of mouth. Among these stories were the historical kings of Egypt that appeared to go back further than recorded history as it has been known (up until the likes of Graham Hancock and friends, anyway.) as well as stories of great powers and civilizations that had existed before the last two ice ages. One of these civilizations was known as Atlantis, which if nothing else gave us the name of one of the great oceans of planet Earth (Atlantic - sea of Atlantis) but also told of a highly developed and militarily powerful nation that was destroyed in the period eleven thousand six hundred years ago, which actually is the time when a huge meteorite hit southern Greenland and raised the ocean levels by about 150 metres to around that of the sea level today. He also describes the surrounding in terms of mountains and the layout of the islands and their equivalent and total sizes. This is all a little too much evidence to be prematurely discounting the Richat structure as being a possible contender as the site of the City of Atlantis.