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How they are protected

The Legal System - prevents the law from functioning by being so expensive and complex as to prevent normal people from identifying the route or path to justice and by masking the path to responsibility concerning big business and their responsibilities. In other words the legal system is designed to make anyone trying to bring about change either become corrupt or just to give up or kill themselves. It is also designed to allow the perpetrators of the system to filter money from society at every part of its function and processes.

The Financial System - is designed to hide the largest criminal activities on the planet perpetrated by the leaders of the banking system. With it they design and guide war, famine, disease and crime. It has become one of the four cornerstone cancers of the human race. It is also a filter by which scavengers of our blood and sweat take and take from us and our families. Our lives have become the means by which their lives are supported.

The media is a brain polluting wash of sewage immersing the mind of everyone in a glutenous filth which prevents them from discerning direction to worth or being able to respirate ideas. It has become a disgusting path to dishonour, abuse and pointlessness. It is a disease of ourselves. It is also a system of diverting our toil into the pockets of endless executives who serve no creative or moral purpose, but for whom there is only the desire to use and abuse those with talent or decency. It is the cancer of our thoughts.

The Medical System - is now the weapon they use to poison and destroy us. A weapon of undoubted power because those within it preach morality, even though they have become as misused as the military or the intelligence services. It is also a way of taxing us for every breath that we take. It is the final of the four cornerstone cancers that pervade every moment of our lives.

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