Rothschild determination to destroy the Goyim, that means you.

by Admin Monday, August 17, 2020 11:29 AM

Rothschild determination to destroy the Goyim, that means you.

Well it’s nearly time. They started with the plan to back Washington as president of a new nation on condition that he murdered (or rather gave the order to murder) French infantry to start the Anglo-French war to distract European Monarchies from the Rothschild move into the banking sector. They drugged King George to ensure they could take over the new nation’s Federal Reserve. They burned down or razed the European architecture and replaced it with brutalism. They economically engineered two world wars and the Russian revolution. This destroyed the Christian Monarchy, and provided the Financial and political vacuum which became the platform to invade Palestine. They engineered the holocaust to avoid blame, and enslave us with their Hollywood ‘movies.’ They murdered us en masse in their giant statue to finance, next door to their monolith. Now, finally they will anhialte us with microwave and nuclear weapons. 

Antisemitism has always been their greatest weapon, as they tell us in the protocols of Zion. Now they have completed their mission, it is time to say goodbye.


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