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Is there more to ‘Total Recall’ from 1990 than meets the eye?

Is there more to ‘Total Recall’ from 1990 than meets the eye?

A pyramid on Mars? A secret about our origins that may free us from the mad, mass-murdering scum that rule us? Free energy perhaps? There is more to this film than appears at first, have a look at all of the clues:

What is that earring she is wearing? It is a pyramid with something underneath - what could this mean - did they discover free energy technology under the Cydonian Pyramids or under The Face in Cydonia? What is the green gem in the middle, is that signifying infinite green energy? What is the little pyramid above indicating? Is there transport to where the creators of the pyramids went?

 This is all sounding a lot like that film from 2000 Mission to Mars when they enter the giant Martian face and find the secrets of our planet and Mars protected by a giant stone storm that destroys those who don't interpret and understand it's signals by returning a certain sign. 

Could the bloodthirsty Arnie movie hold a hidden, secret agenda. After all it is a Paul Verhoven film and Robocop, despite it's gore & guns approach, holds a lot of truth about freedom and the truth behind the militarisation of the police.

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