Pioneer GTme trainers wanted in the UK

by Admin Friday, July 6, 2018 1:41 PM

Pioneer GTme trainers wanted in the UK - are you passionate about the fitness industry and fighting obesity/lethargy in your locality?

We believe that many people want to feel better and healthier all over the UK, and want to encourage them to sign-up for local training sessions.

GTme is an app for connecting local people with their nearest group fitness or personal training sessions and is designed to lower the costs of having a personal trainer by encouraging the trainer to hold classes for groups rather than individuals.

If you think you could be inspired and excited by holding group training sessions in your area then we would love to hear from you.
Contact us at or on 0344 264 2217 in the UK.

It is like Uber for finding group exercise sessions on your phone. It keeps track of who is attending your classes, takes payment and keeps you up-to-date with your attendees. You can see more at or PM me for a chat.

GTme is a marketing app for your classes which broadcasts sessions to the phones of prospective customers in your local area. We are currently marketing our app in your area and are looking for trainers to post sessions on the app. Have a look at 

Would you be interested in exploring new ways of attracting more clients and customers for your fitness business? Have a look at this really short video of GTme: 

Dedicated to the fitness industry and going live in your area now!

We would love to feature your exercise, health or well-being benefits as part of the local fitness landscape. It costs nothing to post your availability on GTme so why not have a look at our very short video? 

Are you looking at new ways to advertise and organise venues, classes and staff. GTme is a tool for publicising and organising fitness and group exercise classes and tracking attendance etc. We would love to see if we can improve efficiency.


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