Fitness professionals...

by Admin Friday, July 6, 2018 4:35 PM

Fitness professionals...


Can we provide you with anything further that might increase your confidence enough to try downloading our app? GTme doesn't cost anything to post sessions on and is a really great way of encountering new customers; they register for your classes or sessions on their phone and you receive notification once they have paid so there really isn't much to lose!

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The internet has made laziness our master
No one knows how to search for anything, they just type, click search, and scroll down a list
Maps may show a few local gyms but only those that rank the highest
So there is no chance for the smaller company anymore
If you pay to advertise on search engines then you pay a fortune without any certain results that anything ever happened
If small gyms want a place in the market, they have to offer incredible value and reach out to people directly, which is expensive
If we are to compete with the biggest players, we must stick together.
If we combine our marketing budgets then we can appear alongside the biggest gyms and take a share in the local customers
GTme is your advertising platform for local fitness classes.


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