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25. May 2022 13:13
by Admin

An appeal to Flat Earthers

25. May 2022 13:13 by Admin | 1 Comments

The Hebrew god was a visitor, as were the gods that created the other races. They did not create the Earth, that was just added because the people of the time would not have been able to digest the truth. The reason that the prophecies of the ancient writings ring so true is that they still command much of the world's goings on today, which is why certain religious groups have so much power now. We are on a road to slavery and have been for 250 years since the inception of America and the seize of control of the Central European banks.
The world is a globe because the gods came from other globes to splice the mammals of Earth with themselves. The human race have been to Mars because there are pyramids there and Sunbury, UK is duplicated but 14x as big! If there was a firmament then all of the amateur astronomers around the globe would have noticed long ago. They use computer software to predict where the astronomical objects will be based upon Copernicus and that is how they discover new comets that get them named after themselves. The world is a lie, but FE is not what they're hiding. We are on the brink of them not needing to pretend any longer, but if we don't unite, we will be destroyed. In a post COVID world, hope is getting hard to find, but FE has the right spirit, just the wrong concept. End of days is coming, but only if we let it. The scientists have become as stupid as the zealots. Dark Energy and Matter are a religion like any other. If the theory doesn't fit reality, it is wrong, you don't change reality to fix it! Arise brothers and sisters for our time is at hand!
This is interesting. That because the Flat Earther has not seen anything that disproves the Earth is just a big flat surface. This is exactly the discussion Copernicus was having with his peers for years. They came around eventually because it fitted observations, but now we have gone back. If you decide that Copernicus was wrong, you are failing to take into account what a huge job it was to convince everyone in the first place. Flt Earth clues skips over this with little thought. The whole world had to be convinced. It wasn't a sudden conspiracy made in a single room when deciding how many world wars it would take to install a one world government. It was a shift of consciousness implanted by examining observation against explanation. Remember that the Pyramids and the ancient world were built according to the Stars. The Roman calendar is based upon the Sun and Moon. Not everyone is an idiot so please try and rethink what you are proposing as it is not in your own interests. If you make yourself ignorant to the Galaxies around you, you gift them with the power to surprise you.

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One thing that you need to understand is that FE is not a physical argument, it is a spiritual one. It is a rejection of science in favour of truth rather than fact. If you think about how science began, in Alchemistry, which is essentially black magic, you can start to realise that it may not be the only way of interpreting what is around us. A scientist would use the word Universe, even though there is absolutely no proof that anything is UNIversal, i.e. that physical forces are uniform across time and space, which might explain all of the Dark Matter nonsense we are dealing with now. The standpoint you are requesting that FE take to prove their idea is impossible. They do not stand by the idea that shooting a bird and measuring its weight is as useful as watching how beautiful a bird is when it flies. It is scientific method that they question, not what can be made of it. If we are going to meet in the middle we need to start asking questions about our reality and how we interpret it rather than what we can interpret with the existing model. FE has no science no matter what some say, they do not understand what real FE is. There are so many things that science denies in order to maintain its validity that we must be able to learn from each other and grow.

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