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They're trying to make lockdown permanent!

They're trying to make lockdown permanent!


These fascist freemasonry/Jewish Zionist madmen are trying to make UK lockdown permanent.

Despite there being no correlation between deaths and Winter-time whatsoever, and the disease and its affects being completely synthesised, they are still planning to make lockdown come back at Winter and then next year they will try and get away with no freedom at all. YOU have to help us throw out the Rothschild menace and renounce the Jewish banking system. To renounce all secret societies and free us from the blood-sucking scum that have destroyed out mental wellbeing and desecrated our youth. 

The Rothschilds must be made to pay high-treason for what they have done to us. They are the Crown not the Royals. They are the media, not the BBC. They are the overlords that stole the Bank of England before Wellington had even had time to rest in No.1 London. They have no respect for the people they feed from. They are evil and empty soulless devils that must be destroyed!

Free yourselves and Britain from these madmen!

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