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5. April 2021 09:50
by Admin


5. April 2021 09:50 by Admin | 0 Comments

But if a twin, called by the name of Castor & Pollux. Often, there is even more complex.
Meteors are parts of salt-peter and sulfur from the areas that are more heterogeneous.
Something of this kind tried in the fire meteor, is a lightning-bolt, which is, that the smoke of a nitrous lake, sulpherous, the clouds above A, great force into the lower B dropped, a falling, and the ends of the lands C and D, for the sake of the air presses, that place, out of the shortness of the ways of a more easily able to go forth, en-route the lower B running with them, was intercepted and concluded that the agitation intensity of the vapors are separated and then to a great crash out of the cavity E by the gap G or F breaks.


sin geminus, Castoris & Pollucis nomine appellatur. Saepe etiam est magis multiplex.
meteora partium nitrosarum & sulphur e arearum , magis est heterogeneus.
Ejusmodi ignitum meteorum eft fulmen: quod est fumus nitrosus, sulpherous, nubibus superioribus A, magno impetu in inferiores B delabentibus, & extremitatibus suis C & D, propter aerem preffum, ibi ob brevitatem viae facilius egredientem, vesus inferiores B concurrentibus, interceptus & conclusus, qui agitatione vehementia vaporibus separatus & incensus, magno fragore ex earum cavitate E per hiatum G vel F erumpit.



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