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M=e/c^2 the Inverse Square Law of Light

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M=e/c^2 the Inverse Square Law of Light


Spin is important. Spin is what creates mass, or the appearance of an object holding mass. When electromagnetic radiation is spinning in a certain way it creates a mass that can be detected through inertia, because the spinning of the EMR holds true to the same tendency as a gyroscope, it resists changes in its orientation, and as the EMR is spinning in many different axis of the impossibly small sphere in which it exists, it resists every change in momentum giving inertia.

Conversely, when EMR is travelling in a straight line, it appears to have no detectable mass, because it no longer has any spin, and therefore no resistance to changes in momentum or direction, such as when it is reflected by a mirror. This is why m=e/c^2 holds, because the energy being released is EMR travelling outwards obeying the inverse square law as it fills the area of the sphere from the radius distance from where it was released/had it spin disturbed.

The spinning of planet Earth is what gives the mass of each particle the appearance of attracting other matter by gravity. The spinning of the mass of the Earth creates a gravitational field just as a gyroscope does. It is encapsulated in its own gravitational field and invulnerable to other gravitational fields around it.

Every photon is a discrete energy packet of light but does it have a property that can be assimilated with this? Matter waves depict the interactions that indicate wave behaviour in light, just as they do in water, but if light can only travel at the constant c then how could it not be travelling in a straight line? As well as this the derivation of E=mc^2 depends on F=ma holding valid, which when considering light, really has no relevance whatsoever. There is no m, no a and no F. So what is really going on?

Photons are their own antiparticle according to latest quantum lore, which essentially means that light or EMR can account for wave-like behaviour without requiring interaction with any other phenomenon. 

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