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Sensible Ideas About Space Travel

Sensible Ideas About Space Travel

Richard D. Hall's talk on deception in space travel.

Richard really does give a great talk here, imparting a well thought out and considered opinion of modern space travel deception. The point he makes about reliability of moon missions throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s is vitally important to aid understanding of NASA's management bedlam during the 60s. They had been set an impossible task by a man who had been murdered in the public eye. A man who had been elevated in standing to an almost immortal plane, as the murderers wanted the public to focus on what he said, rather than who killed him and why.

I would add to Richard's talk, that the possible faking of the moon landings only aids the true rulers' agendas, as it takes up so much time for researchers everywhere, rather than them focusing on the alien agenda and the black world military space capabilities.

Richard goes on to discuss the current debacle of a space programme, and all of the attention diverter that it currently supports. Elon Musk is shown to be aware, clearly, of more advanced technologies than his ancient rockets and their guidance systems (OK the guidance systems are pretty impressive.)

Richard also discusses Mars and the incredible discoveries that have been made, and subsequently hidden from the public. The various Cydonia Pyramids and Face as well as the Scale Reproduction of Avebury on Mars are all incredible discoveries that give real evidence and possibly even a complete explanation of the origins of life on Earth, or at least human life. The evidence given in motion pictures such as Mission to Mars and Total Recall is a tantalizing glimpse of the truth to be discovered in these incredible structures. Richard's reasoning as to why they are faking the Mars Rovers is compelling and intelligently defined and I advise anyone interested in their own freedom to listen with an open mind.

Also under examination is the roadblock in place to stop anyone looking into electrogravitics and antigravity systems. The General Relativity theory that has expressed Gravity as deformed spacetime due to mass is an amazing theory, but it does ignore the obvious connections between electromagnet forces, diamagnetics and gravity.

AI Artificial Intelligence is also discussed, and the fear-mongering expressed by Musk and Hawking, which is essentially a pathway towards the end of human enslavement, currently imposed upon us by the Rothschilds and their associates - I can't imagine they gave any friends.

One more point to make is that this talk is made as part of Richard's Richplanet tours, tickets for which can be obtained at when they are upcoming.

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