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Polar Bear Population - WTF WWF?

Polar Bear Population - WTF WWF?

Here are two published reports, the first is from a bear population authority, Dr. Susan Crockford (yes she is prepared to put her name alongside her data) and the second is the first result from a Polar Bear Population search term on Ecosia. (notice how carefully they have optimised that URL to give high search engine ranking.)

Oh my god! In all those areas, Polar Bears are dying out! But that's everywhere, we'd better start raising the price of oil right now!


Climate Depot:

Hang on!

SO! Polar Bear population has been rising steadily for some time, which the WWF must know about. They have arranged the data in a way to cause people to believe they are endangered, knowingly! OK the population may have decreased where people are living, but then they do tend to eat our children, so this is a matter of safety. It also marks that bears are intelligent creatures, and stay away from eating people as they tend to get shot. So what the report by the WTF, sorry the WWF shows, is that the bears are retreating away from civilization, which I'm sure the local people are very grateful for.

Think about who writes the news and what they want - depression, more money, less freedom for you!!

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