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amazon tesla are all these names attempting to blind us from history?

amazon tesla are all these names attempting to blind us from history?


Why are people using terms from important parts of history to push new products into our minds and eradicate the origins of these important names? Tesla, is the name most associated with the transmission of electricity in the modern age, but he was also a man who held grave reservations about the US and becoming a citizen, and under their control. Tesla believed that the top section of society was deeply disillusioned and extremely dangerous, and that if they got control of some of his technology, then the people of the world would pay a frightful price.

There is no doubt that WWI, WWII, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq & Iran have all been cases of terrible technologies being delivered against helpless people for reasons that have never been sufficiently explained. The ongoing wars of the west against the Middle East never appear to cease and the technology just keeps increasing the senselessness of the massacre. 

But Tesla didn't just attempt to build electricity generators and transmitters, but he also tried to harness the power of the planet so that free energy could be provided for all. If only he had succeeded publicly, then we would all be free of oil baron tyranny today.

And what of the Amazon? The rain forest is all but destroyed, and the land is continually burned and re-purposed by the local people just as much as it is by big business taking everything it can before regulation steps in. 

Once a mighty description of the massiveness of Planet Earth, the Amazon now is almost impossible to discover online unless you specify that it is a river, and if you did not already know this, then it is unlikely you would easily find out online, and so in a generation, it will be unlikely that you will ever find out.

Every activist seems to suddenly have a namesake teaching something at an American university, or is a YouTuber or similar.

But has this happened before, or has it always been going on? Is history a folly? Is it all myth? Nothing we see from NASA or the mainstream historians shows any correlation with even the most obvious evidence. We are inhabiting a lie, and we need to go public!



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