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Are the Martian Rovers Actually on Mars?

Are the Martian Rovers Actually on Mars?

Could they be on Devon Island on Earth?

Much compelling evidence (apart from how guileless the NASA staff operating the rover can appear) is presented by and concerning the hypothesis that the Martian Rovers have never left the Earth and are just being driven around Northern Canada...

For me the question of how it slows down in the Martian atmosphere to land is a confusing one. The parachute seems to be inadequate in an environment where air pressure is 0.6% of Earth's. Even at 21600 Km/h the parachute is only passing as much gas as you would at 130 Km/h on Earth, which makes me think you would not slow below 3000 Km/h during the parachute deploy, which on Earth would correspond to around 18 Km/h in terms of air molecules passed per unit time.

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