Majority of Britons disagree with Supreme Court ruling on Article 50

by Admin Wednesday, January 25, 2017 6:32 AM

Well as we all know the majority of Britions (whatever the hell they are) allegedly disagree with Theresa May having to consult Parliament but who cares what they think - they cannot be trusted, just look at what they watch on the TV:

Britains Got talent - well they'll have to rename this to 'another pisspot country that has more important things to worry about but doesn't seem to have noticed got talent'

Eastenders - these people are so depressed no wonder they want to live in a miserable, cold, grey S**thole

Coronation street - see above

These people cannot be trusted and should not be making decisions that effect people who don't eat r-tard pills for breakfast

Of course its possible that all of this article 50 nonsense is just to stop us noticing that Britain and America are warming up for an invasion of Egypt or Sudan or something....



A new rural U.K. food revolution?

by Admin Sunday, January 8, 2017 9:57 AM

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Government-backed Food Enterprise Zones (FEZ) are aimed at creating more than 10,000 new jobs, as well as supporting tourism and injecting investment into rural communities across the country.

A new initiative to create more than 10,000 new jobs is set to be added to the UK’s growing food and farming industry as a network of new food hubs takes shape across England with building work expected to begin early next year, Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss announced today.

The 17 government-backed Food Enterprise Zones (FEZs), stretch from Cumbria to Cornwall, and will help drive tourism, attract investment and add millions to our growing rural economy.

Championing celebrated British foods, including the Melton Mowbray pork pie, stilton cheese and Norfolk pork, the hubs have been awarded a share of £830,000 funding to help fast-track the expansion of food and farming businesses in the regions.

Speaking at the first meeting of all 17 FEZs, Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said:

Our food and farming industry is an economic powerhouse, now worth more than £100 billion a year and employing one in eight people.

We want to build on that so food and farming becomes a top destination for high-flying graduates, is as prestigious as medicine, as fun and stimulating as the gaming industry and as cutting-edge as London’s Tech City.

Food Enterprise Zones will unleash food entrepreneurs, bringing together researchers, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers so they can improve productivity and spark new ideas off each other all the way along the supply chain from farm to fork, from lab to lunch.

Plans for FEZs are well underway, including a new Artisanal Food Village in Cornwall, an agri-food park near Malton in North Yorkshire, and a cluster of local artisan food producers around the River Orwell in Suffolk.

In East Anglia three FEZs alone are set to create thousands of new jobs through expanding existing food businesses and developing new ones. These include Jimmy’s Farm, which will be part of the new Orwell Food Cluster in Babergh, along with the Suffolk Food Hall and the East of England Co-operative Society.

Fionagh and Richard Harding of Norton Barton Farm, one of the businesses set to benefit from a new Food Enterprise Zone in Cornwall, said:

“We are thrilled to have been chosen for a Food Enterprise Zone; it’s particularly good news for Bude and North Cornwall where employment is focused around tourism and agriculture. We hope that we will be able to encourage new entrants into the food industry.”

By making it easier for businesses to grow and bringing different parts of the food supply chain together, FEZs will ensure greater collaboration between rural businesses, kick-start local food economies and help people develop new skills.

Food and farming is the biggest manufacturing sector in Britain, worth more than cars and aerospace combined. In 2013 entrepreneurs set up 30,000 new food and drink businesses generating thousands of jobs in the sector, and the industry’s continual innovation is bringing 16,000 new products to the market each year—more than France and Germany combined and second only to the US.

Exports of UK food and drink are also booming with almost £19 billion worth shipped to 214 countries and territories around the world. Since 2010 the UK government has opened more than 600 new international markets supporting more businesses to sell their produce abroad.

At we love this idea and congratulate everyone involved, although £830k does seem a rather paltry amount of funding to be dividing up shares of...


Our new goals post Brexit

by Admin Saturday, December 17, 2016 5:08 PM

As it would appear that the MPs are not going to extricate us from this mess, we shoud all be fo using on how to live outside of poverty in the coming years. If it is true that the City of London will lose many of the big banks and that a large proportion of the rich will leave as a result, then what will we be facing in the near future? Will England become more like Portugal say, or Hungary, where most young people want to work overseas? Well the truth is that they will not easily be able to. A year in Australia or New Zealand will still be possible but only if no laws are changed when the Aussies begin to experience a massive influx of Brits. Trade will undoubtedly be more difficult all round as nowhere that we can cheaply trade with will be interested in our new highly taxable products and services. Ecommerce and banking services will be hit hardest as the banks will leave and ecommerce will not be able to compete with domestic prices in the EU, and the Yanks already own the market here. The future looks disastrous for anyone exporting anything except high-value, trusted brands like Aston Martin, Harrods & Land Rover. So how do we prepare for all of this? The people in power don't seem to understand or care what this means, and why would they? They've got it made no matter what happens; we're the ones who are about to experience a massive change in our place in the world. 

But is it all doom and gloom? Well perhaps not. There are definitely sides to Britain that will always be Worth something in this world. Although we will have to let Scotland go soon and then perhaps Northern Ireland and Wales, we will still have our musical heritage from the last 60 years and still have a certain way of communicating with countries that speak English as a first language. We will still have our comedy which is unlike any other. We will still have our schools, colleges and universities, that have an unequalled reputation across the world. So it sounds like more of our strengths will be in importing people and improving them, as well as improving people all over the world with our music and culture.

we also export things that the EU will refuse to do without, football for instance, which will not stop being shown across the EU and which we can still take pride in, as long as we can continue to afford the players.

But the price of food has to rise as there are so many of us now, and so does the price of energy. Daily living is going to become a lot more expensive as the rich and their taxes evaporate gradually over the next three years. That means the population will begin to decrease amongst the rich and increase amongst the poor as poverty begins to drive up reproduction and increase th load on he NHS. This will be a huge period of austerity and the people who will suffer most are the very ones who vote us out. We will need to stand together as a country but unfortunately, in this internet, jet-powered world, many of the best people will just up and leave.

So what are the implications upon our cost of living and quality of life? Surely costs will go down and quality of life will increase. There will be less and less point to live near London and so prices will begin to even out across the country which will be a blessed relief. Those of us in Cornwall will be paying for their quality of life and those us near London will be reclaim wealth based upon their lack of it. Well I like the sound of that for one - the current situation is a bit unfair as regardless of how out of work you are, the quality of life should count for something.


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The French Revolution

by Admin Wednesday, November 9, 2016 8:27 AM

Well here we are. The French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and friends are all glad to see the back of us and we understand, after all the Polish prime minister has a right to be upset - she has just lost a fifth of the people over whom she used to have power. So what action can we take? Well there is inciting toward marching on the streets and preventing parliament voting to overthrow the Brexit vote (which at 51.5% is not actually any kind of result anyway) just as if we are in the middle of our own French revolution. Well perhaps that is an idea. If we all march into France and have a quick revolution to get it out of our system then we can come back afterwards and get on with being British.


Following the example of the Olympians...

by Admin Friday, August 26, 2016 10:22 PM

Well we couldn't have asked for much more from the Olympics as far as the UK is concerned. Every athlete from the UK made a Herculean effort, which was fitting considering the setting, and all over the UK we felt proud and happy.

It is this level of comittment I see in business too. Although we always lose a lot of our talent to other countries around the world - Australia and New Zealand especially - we do manage to retain a lot of good people as well and this is partly due to the international relationships we maintain with countries like China, the US, Canada and Australia. If we can keep our spirits up (which is our biggest failing as a nation) and enjoy our time at work then we can make ourselves more effective. Our office environments often lack discipline and as a resul, under perform, but as each action becomes more and more vital in the face of adversity (our new standalone role) then we will find ourselves becoming more capable and more driven.

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They think it's all over....

by Admin Monday, July 4, 2016 6:35 PM

I want to make a request right at the start of all of this. I want this to be done properly. I want us to actually realise that our backs are against the wall and stop messing about. This isn't a game. If we do not realise that every day we write the story of our own lives, then we are wasting everything that anyone who has ever died for England has given us. Now is our time to win. Now is our time to look up to the skies, not down at our feet. We may have been divided by the politicians. We may have been divided by the have and have nots. But we are all still English, and if we cannot unite because we no longer have anything in common between North and South, East and West, rich or poor, then we have already lost.

I am on a quest. A quest that I have begun by deciding to begin. A quest that will take me to very corner of the England. A quest that I am excited about to the extent that I cannot sleep, that I cannot wait, that I cannot sit still. A quest to discover the best that England has to give. And I don't mean to the world, I mean to us, the English!

All I ask is that you stop all of the sarcasm, all of the negativity, all of the nonsense. Just take a moment to sense the feeling around us all at the moment in our country. We are not scared through to the bone. We are not scared stiff. We are a little scared of the uncertainty, and this is my favourite recipe for excitement.

I am mounting a campaign to discover the best that we have to offer for our own improvement. To get ourselves fit to fight the battle that awaits us. We must unite against those who would divide us for personal gain, for money, for profit or from simple selfishness. Our future lies together as a country that we are proud of and that lives for generosity, good nature and happiness.

Join us now, join Search England!


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